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WEDA Announces Announces New Business Relocation Program to Diversify and Strengthen the Durango and La Plata County Economy

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Durango, Colorado – May, 2018 – The La Plata County Economic Development Alliance (LPEDA) has partnered with the World Economic Development Alliance (WEDA) to initiate a new business relocation program.

As oil and gas activity has declined in the San Juan Basin, a significant amount of office space has become available.  The new business relocation program will help fill that space and diversify the local economy.  Efforts will focus on attracting financial technology firms, health care technology and services, and back office operations; such as regional headquarters. 
“A smart relocation program builds on what is naturally occurring locally,” said Roger Zalneraitis, the Executive Director of LPEDA.  “Financial technology is anchored here by Worldpay, combined with the Computer Engineering Bachelors degree at Fort Lewis College, and the Cybersecurity certificate at San Juan College in Farmington.  Health care services are supported by two top rated hospitals, nationally renowned specialists, and a lifestyle that attracts top talent in the health care world.”
Back office functions are brought here by people who love the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, and include companies like EasyCare, who moved from Tucson, AZ and manages its global horseboot manufacturing and distribution from its offices in Hermosa, and ImageNet, a technology company headquartered in Oklahoma City that has established its Rocky Mountain division in Durango.
Eric Kleinsorge, the CEO of WEDA, notes that “getting in front of businesses when they are first starting to think about moving or opening a new location is key.  By the time most businesses reach out to local communities you have already lost 90% of the opportunities that might have looked at you.”
The marketing campaign is based on building a pipeline of awareness, engagement, and ultimately relocations.  It will target over 2,500 small businesses in select geographies to build awareness of the local business climate and lifestyle.  These firms will be able to initially bring 5 to 30 new jobs to La Plata County that pay wages above the County average of $44,000 per year.
“Our goal is to have 400-500 businesses engaging with us online in 12 months,” said Mr. Zalneraitis.  “From that, we expect to have 20-30 conversations with firms over the phone or in person, and a relocation within 18 months of launching the campaign.”
Asked why a business would move to Durango and La Plata County, Mr. Kleinsorge noted “I am impressed at how genuinely friendly and helpful everyone is in Durango.  Your airport and internet are very strong for a mountain community, as is having both Fort Lewis College in town and two community colleges.  All of these things provide good resources for someone who loves the mountain lifestyle to grow their business here.”
The next step is building the list of businesses to engage.  Mr. Kleinsorge noted that businesses who are already familiar with the market are more likely to move than those who aren’t.  “Providing contacts of CEOs who have expressed interest in moving here would be very helpful to the success of this campaign.”
“Ultimately, this business relocation campaign isn’t about Durango and La Plata County growing faster; it’s about growing better,” said Mr. Zalneraitis.  He continued to say “this proactive campaign compliments our efforts at supporting start-ups, as well as existing businesses, to diversify our economy and create good paying jobs and career opportunities here.”
About the La Plata Economic Development Alliance: The La Plata County Economic Development Alliance is a 501(c)6 whose mission is to help for individuals looking to start, own, grow, or relocate their business to La Plata County, by providing advocacy, relevant information, and resources at the local, state and national level.  It was founded in 2011 and has over 150 investors in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  More information about the Alliance and the business relocation campaign is available from Roger Zalneraitis at or 970-259-1700.
About the World Economic Development Alliance: WEDA is a full-service economic development marketing firm specializing in helping economic developers grow their communities, while helping expanding or relocating companies with their site-location needs. WEDA was founded in 1994 by Eric Kleinsorge. Today, WEDA provides services ranging from website design to email marketing, social media support to trade show representation, all exclusively for economic development organizations around the US. More information about WEDA is available from Brooke Edwards at 469-778-2606 Ext 3 or via email at

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Plant City, Florida Engages With WEDA in Recruiting More Jobs To Their Community!

weda press release

Plant City, Florida – December 2017: The Plant City Economic Development Corporation has entered into an engagement with the World Economic Development Alliance to help enhance their business-attraction efforts.  The Plant City Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC) is a public-private partnership formed in the last quarter of 2015 to promote Plant City’s commercial, agricultural, office, distribution and industrial opportunities.  The PCEDC also works closely with the neighboring Lakeland and Tampa Hillsborough EDC’s.

“We are truly excited to add Plant City to our Portfolio of great communities that we have in our Alliance.  Plant City will bring some new benefits other cities can’t provide and one’s our expanding companies are looking for,” remarked Eric Kleinsorge, Chairman of the World Economic Development Alliance.

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Dumas EDC Interview – Their latest landed project through LightHouse ED360

Mike RUnning


Yet another project has been landed by Dumas, Tx from a program implemented by WEDA.  Mike Running sits down with the Chairman of WEDA, Eric Kleinsorge to discuss the success they have had with their Lighthouse ED360 Programs.  See why your community might be ready for a LightHouse ED360 program.

Simply click any topics of choice if you don’t have time to listen to it all!

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WEBINAR: Tax Exempt Financing – $90 Billion Available. Learn how to tap into these resources.

For Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer looking to grow your operations? This webinar can help you understand the benefits of tax-exempt financing as well as help you obtain it. Tax-exempt financing is used to invest in new facilities, production lines, machinery and equipment, and technological advances that bolster productivity and profit. When financing with a tax exempt bond, the bank does not pay federal taxes, in turn, they can pass these savings on to the borrower (you). That means an average savings of 35% in interest expense alone!

Economic Development Organizations

Are you an economic development organization, a hospital, university, or other charitable organization? This webinar can help you understand and promote tax exempt financing so you can continue to help your community grow, create jobs, and attract manufacturers to your targeted area. Understanding Tax Exempt Financing also allows your to promote this program as an additional tool or incentive in your toolbox.

Contact Bob Peryea at to see if your company can take advantage of these available dollars. You can also call us at 1-800-632-9332 ext. 1.

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Project Fuel Energy Webinar

Project Fuel Energy is a Project directly working with the WEDA Team.  They are doing a search of cities that have an ample supply of Plastic feed stock and will employ more that 50 people per location and require a 50,000 sq. ft. building.  WEDA hosted a webinar to present the project and allow interactive dialogue between the communities and the decision-makers of the project.  Watch this webinar to learn more.

Interested in working this project? Drop us an email at

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Are You Showing Thanks This Thanksgiving?

Being thankful this Thanksgiving is half the equation.  Are you showing your thanks to those businesses and people that make your community thrive?

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Should You Be Working This Lead?

Each and every day I get asked about whether or not a community should be working a particular lead.  This two-minute drill, our Chairman Eric Kleinsorge share his thoughts on how you should determine whether or not you should work a lead and what approach you should take.  Enjoy!

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WEDA Announces Launch of New Project Portal


WEDA Announced today that they are within 2 weeks of launching their new Project Portal.  “It will provide our members with a whole new level of tracking their Active Project,” said Eric Kleinsorge, Chairman and CEO of WEDA.  “We have developed this as a tool also for non members to actually see the type of projects we are tracking.” Kleinsorge added.

The portal has been 4 months in development and is ahead of schedule by 2 weeks.  WEDA’s developers are in the final stages of testing prior to deployment.

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Jam Session – Nov. 10, 2016


Jam Session Nov 10, 2016

  • Project Pillars
  • Ambassador Program
  • Trade Show Planning


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November 8, 2016

two-minute-drill-logoWe Have a New President.  What Are You Going To Do Now?
This 2-minute drill will get you thinking on what to do with our new President!


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