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Dumas EDC Interview – Their latest landed project through LightHouse ED360

Mike RUnning


Yet another project has been landed by Dumas, Tx from a program implemented by WEDA.  Mike Running sits down with the Chairman of WEDA, Eric Kleinsorge to discuss the success they have had with their Lighthouse ED360 Programs.  See why your community might be ready for a LightHouse ED360 program.

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WEBINAR: Tax Exempt Financing – $90 Billion Available. Learn how to tap into these resources.

For Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer looking to grow your operations? This webinar can help you understand the benefits of tax-exempt financing as well as help you obtain it. Tax-exempt financing is used to invest in new facilities, production lines, machinery and equipment, and technological advances that bolster productivity and profit. When financing with a tax exempt bond, the bank does not pay federal taxes, in turn, they can pass these savings on to the borrower (you). That means an average savings of 35% in interest expense alone!

Economic Development Organizations

Are you an economic development organization, a hospital, university, or other charitable organization? This webinar can help you understand and promote tax exempt financing so you can continue to help your community grow, create jobs, and attract manufacturers to your targeted area. Understanding Tax Exempt Financing also allows your to promote this program as an additional tool or incentive in your toolbox.

Contact Bob Peryea at to see if your company can take advantage of these available dollars. You can also call us at 1-800-632-9332 ext. 1.

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Welcome to our 2-Minute Drill!

two-minute-drill-logoWelcome to Our 2-Minute Drills.
Topics that will make you better in attracting more jobs to your community!

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