“Industry follows Retail.”


“Industry Follows Retail.”

You will hear WEDA’s staff say this a lot and we have been consistently proven right.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You have to have a job to get a job.” Just as having a job proves an individual’s employability, a community that is employed and thriving attracts new businesses.

WEDA will create a custom designed retail attraction program that starts with truly understanding your community.

Retail Market Report – Your retail market is not the borders of your community, but is measured in time. Using official sources and powerful online applications, WEDA will create a detailed market report that will show potential retailers where their customers might come from and how they might get there.

Retailers List – WEDA has an exclusive list of retailers in every category, with all of the contacts needed to get to the right person the first time.

Email Campaigns –WEDA will help you let retailers know where you are, who you are, and how much money your community would be willing to spend in their establishments.

A vibrant economy starts with a great retail base. WEDA will help you find that base; guiding you to the right businesses and helping you get your people employed and attract the attention of industrial projects.

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If you are trying to attract new retailers to your community, the Retail Attraction Program is your direct link to decision makers opening new retail locations. Whether it’s a restaurant, movie house, clothing store, or more, by subscribing to our proprietary retail database you’ll be able to query reports from over 7,000 retailers that tell you exactly what they are looking for. The detailed report includes full contact information of key decision makers with a listing of areas that are opening new locations. The Retail Attraction Program empowers you with all the information you need to make direct contact with those who can say “yes” to opening their new retail site in your community. Once you have a copy of the detailed report for your community, you can easily print or export the data so you can start contacting the retailers you want to attract!


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