Each year, WEDA delivers about 100 pre-qualified

leads to our membership.


Each year, WEDA delivers an average of 100 pre-qualified Project Reports to our communities.

What is a qualified lead?

• Creates more than 10 jobs
• Is over 10,000 square feet
• Is locating over 50 miles from current location

How does WEDA find their leads?

WEDA takes our members investment to be a part of their state’s exclusive site location teams and puts it into a Global Marketing Campaign to identify, qualify and engage with active projects.  Our campaign includes, trade shows, telemarketing, internet research, networking events, board member submissions, member contributions, nationally administered surveys, association polling, email campaigns, nurturing campaigns and other targeted marketing methods. This campaign allows our communities to receive the benefits of the diverse campaign that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive on their own.

As a community investing in WEDA’s Project Generation Campaigns, we believe it is our role to provide our communities with as much relevant and accurate information possible. Every single day there are immense amounts of data and research we come across and identify. We run every project we identify through a systematic process of qualification. Once this process has run its course, we have three levels of research and projects that we deliver to our clients. These are:

WEDA Direct Contact Project Alerts:
These are Live Projects that we have found through marketing, networking or research. These are companies we are actively engaged with and they are using WEDA and our Site Location Team members from each state to help identify viable sites and locations for their business. We protect these companies privacy with a code name until the company agrees to talk directly with certain communities they are interested in. At that point WEDA turns over the project and allows the community to take over in assisting the project.

Research Project PicWEDA Research Reports:
These are Live Projects that we have found through marketing, networking or research. However, the company may choose not to want to use WEDA and/or work directly with communities. Our dedicated attempts to work with the project continue, but we turn all of the direct contact information over to the community for their own personal follow-up. If contact and engagement is made by the community, we note the file and support the community in their efforts.

WEDA News Alerts:
Throughout the year we have many projects that we have identified announce their site location decisions. At that point we send out an announcement to let communities know they have finalized their current site search. These are valuable pieces of information to spot trends, keep up to date on growing companies and possible contact the companies to see if they have any additional expansion projects in the works.

Are there various levels of membership?
Yes! WEDA provides members with various levels of membership that can be tailored to your communities specific needs.   View our Prospect Development Kit to learn more.

Click here for a free consultation with a WEDA Project Manager to see how WEDA’s Lead Delivery Service can benefit your community.

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Is this for you?

If you are looking for direct and qualified leads that will turn into projects that create jobs, WEDA’s Prospect Development Service is your most cost effective marketing program and best way to leverage your prospect attraction dollars. We will do all the work for you, such as contacting, researching, and putting your information directly in the hands of these decision makers. Additionally, WEDA goes to 8 to 10 trade shows per year, in which you can exhibit with us for FREE! We work each show and engage with every exhibitor and attendee, so you can focus on what you need to get done. We will then provide you full contact information and notes on projects we’ve identified; even if you can’t attend! Add WEDA’s Prospect Generation Marketing Program and you’ll have a strong foundation of incoming leads to add to your current marketing efforts. From day 1, you’ll shine by working projects that can make a difference in your community.


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