WEDA’s Values & Company Culture

We take our jobs as a mission.

Culture and Pride is the foundation of everything we do at WEDA- How we conduct ourselves personally, at work and with our clients. It isn’t about us, it’s about how great we make our clients look. We take pride in delivering products that our clients expect and deserve. WEDA culture is about providing a foundation to achieve our purpose: to help economic developers and expanding companies thrive and succeed.

We enhance economic development efforts.

we create tools to help economic developers and expanding companies grow and thrive. But we also offer continued education and training on best practices so our clients continue to grow themselves.

Our clients have over 500 years of economic development experience combined.

We say what we will do… we do what we say we will.

We don’t just offer a lot of lip service. We deliver on what we say we will. Every team member at WEDA is tied to our purpose of ensuring economic developers succeed. As individuals, we make the commitment then hold each other accountable- no matter how difficult.

We listen, we care, we serve.

Every year we adapt to the changing economy. We continue to add products and benefits that our clients ask for and need by listening to one voice: our customers.

We rely on constant and open communication.

Without active communication, any process will fail. Ignoring a problem is never tolerated. Our communication with clients allows for an open dialogue about continually improving our products. Without it, we become stagnant and unresponsive to our clients needs.

We turn challenges into opportunities.

Our belief: start by understanding the client’s needs first. By listening to their needs we can ensure we are providing them the products that will eliminate their pain points and provide a platform for future growth.

We pride ourselves with long-term relationships.

Clients of WEDA are not viewed as one-off sales. We pride ourselves by understanding their needs to ensure we deliver on their expectations. It’s a team approach that has created client-relations that in some cases have done business with us for over 20 years.

We lead the industry through innovation and constant improvement.

As technology changes at break-neck speed, we keep pace by adapting and adding services that keep our clients ahead of their competition.

We know that we aren’t a one-size fits all company.

Sometimes our clients outgrow the need for one of our products. Sometimes a certain product just isn’t the right fit for their needs. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you and help find a solution that works.

We believe in clients and treat them as people.

At WEDA, our belief in treating our clients as people works wonders for economic development professionals and owners of expanding companies. It truly elevates our clients.

Our commitment to this process has allowed clients like, Christy Elkins, of Chickasha Oklahoma to transform her community into growing hub for business while earning her Most Admired CEO of the year for the State of Oklahoma. Her community’s growth has come alive, and Christy is becoming even more alive with bigger ideas and dreams for her community.

Christy Elkins

Economic Development Director

Chickasha EDC

A roll up your sleeves mentality, with a desire for others to succeed.

At WEDA, we don’t believe in sitting back and pointing fingers for others to get the job done. Each and every employee rolls up their sleeves and chips in where needed. Our team approach means our clients have multiple people working towards their success. We know that we only succeed when our clients succeed, and until then we are not satisfied.

We use experience to fast-track our clients.

For over 20 years WEDA has been developing relations internationally, domestically, with the corporate site-location community and companies poised for growth. By partnering with WEDA our clients are immediately exposed and a part of this network. Fast-track your communities growth by teaming up with WEDA.

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