Video drives the Internet and 21st Century Marketing.


Video drives the Internet and the 21st Century Marketing.

Look around in any café, bus or lunch room. On mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even televisions, people are watching Internet videos constantly.

If your Economic Development organization is not using video, you are missing out on one of the most powerful marketing vehicles available.

WEDA are experts with video marketing. From white board videos to aerial drone videos, WEDA is your one-stop video production shop. Since we work exclusively for economic developers, no one knows your business better and is better equipped to make video work for you.

Local video production – Whether it is to highlight your new industrial park or your entire community, a well-produced video can say in minutes what ten thousand words can’t convey. WEDA will come to your community, shoot the video, do all of the editing, bring in professional voice-over artists and even publish it for you.

Drone video – The latest thing in video creation, unmanned drones allow an operator to video a location from above and from the sides in ways that only a helicopter or airplane could before. These videos can literally provide a great ‘over-view’ of your industrial locations, retail locations, even highway and rail access.

White board video – These videos make it easy to use images and voice to explain difficult concepts, share ideas or simply introduce someone to the culture and business environment of your community.

On Demand Video Page – WEDA has created a customizable video display page that not only highlights the video, but places everything in context on a map of your community.

Video is the key to powerful economic development presentations. Let WEDA make you shine!

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If you have been looking to produce a video that tells your story and makes an impact that a prospect will remember, WEDA’s Video Production team is ready to shoot, edit, and produce an award winning video for you. Our videos are made from an economic development perspective, so we know exactly how to produce your video in order to make your community look its best. Whether it’s an impact video, on-demand video, or an educational video, WEDA can do it all for you to make sure your community stands out above the rest. 

Impact Trailers Sample

Impact Trailers Sample

Video OnDemand Sample

Video OnDemand Sample


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