Branding is a new buzzword for an old concept: building a brand identity. At WEDA, we don’t mind buzzwords, but we prefer good, old action.

When you retain WEDA to do your brand development, we will look at everything you have and figure out what you need, and then make it all happen. The advantage is that WEDA is able to do everything for you. You don’t have one group doing your website and another group doing your stationery.

Remember: Most of the companies that you are courting have a brand identity that they have cultivated, sometimes for decades. Everything matches and works together. You need to have a brand that works together also.

Logo – A great logo is a visual representation of your area, your businesses and the image you want to convey. WEDA will design several logos for you to choose from, and you can pick the one that works best for you.

Website – Everything happens online today. You need a great website that is dynamic and interesting. WEDA will design a website that is modern, but not flashy,  and interesting, but not difficult to negotiate.

Email – Your email address needs to be to your website, not through a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo. WEDA will help you to have an email address that is

Business Cards – Using your logo and the fonts and colors that you want, WEDA will design electronic and print business cards that will stand out from the crowd.

E-brochure and Printable Brochure – Brochures are still very important. At trade shows, during site visits and just traveling around, a brochure is the best way to convey a lot of information quickly. We will design a brochure suitable for both printing and online use.

Tagline – A tagline will tell the world what your community is about in just a few words. We have helped hundreds of EDCs to find the right words to tell their right story. We can help you too.

Videos/video display page – Video is the currency of the internet. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is millions of words. WEDA can help you with video filming, production, editing and even create a distinctive video page to share your videos on.

Stationery – Even in the digital age, a true professional needs to send out letters. Make sure that you are more than a false watermark on copier paper. WEDA will design stationery that is worthy of your community and your status. We will make sure that you aren’t using the same stationery was the water department and the city clerk. We can even get it printed for you and delivered right to your doorstep.

Banner for trade shows – Trade show banners are a great way to get attention, not just at trade shows, but also at local events and even right in your lobby. WEDA will design a banner that is identical to all of your Brand Identity and that can be used anywhere.

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If you’re an economic development professional looking to change or create the brand for your community, WEDA’s Brand Development program will provide you with all the services you need from a team of professionals with economic development and corporate site locator experience. Whether it’s stationary, pamphlets, logos, or even websites, WEDA can do it all for you and ensure a unified look and feel from top to bottom.

By hiring out team, you can build the brand you’ve always imagined with a 100% satisfactory guarantee.



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