I’ve Tried The Rest… I Have Found The Best!I have been a WEDA client for over three years and we started as the basic, let’s run a few ads and some minor regional marketing campaigns. I have increased my level of service each of the past two renewals and have dropped all other major advertisements campaigns with other firms. I am now using WEDA exclusively.

I have had WEDA do everything from trade show banner and media design, magazine advertisements, trade show spotlights, and even web site design. I have even had the opportunity to co-sponsor a marketing event they coordinated for me where I was able to speak face-to-face with corporate site selection professionals. Given the retracted markets, especially here in California, I could not have made the business and industry contacts I have without WEDA. We have been more than pleased and I could not be happier with their customer service. I especially like the fact I have one point of contact with their firm and no matter what my needs are, the same individual acts as my liaison. I could not say enough good things about them that would do them justice, the performance and service WEDA provides the City of Wasco says it all.

I am an advocate for WEDA because they provide what they say they will, and much more. In the past, I was a client of several other firms that simply cashed the check and ran, and were absent until renewal time came around. Weda does not operate that way. I whole heartedly recommend them. You will not be disappointed for choosing WEDA.

Posted By: Danny Brown, Executive Director
It would be difficult to find a more dynamic location for your business than the City of Wasco “The Rose Capital of the Nation”. Located in the heart of Central California, Wasco is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the western United Statesand offers an ideal home for corporate growth. Aside from being one of the most progressive and beautiful parts of the country, Wasco provides an exceptional business climate with strong competitive advantages for manufacturing operations and distribution opportunities. Discover the benefits and share in the success of Wasco, California- Where Everything Grows!