WEDA will customize a multistep lead nurturing program to move prospects to qualified status via targeted emails, personalized landing pages, and web forms.

The approach is as follows:

Develop and manage prospect databases – WEDA will develop, organize (segment), and manage confidential prospecting databases for clients, helping them keep up-to-date records for more effective, targeted emails.

Create an organization instance on WEDA’s marketing automation platform to host and execute all lead nurturing activity.

Design a customized lead nurturing program for client including all emails, personalized landing pages, and web forms that will append new and updated information to the client’s confidential database.

Provide client with detailed reporting on all stages of program including snapshots of where prospects are in the program and what activity is taking place (who is opening emails, who is clicking on specific links, what information is being captured, what are areas of interest, etc.).

What is a Lead Nurturing Program?
Lead nurturing is all about having consistent and meaningful conversations with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy. It’s about building trusted relationships with the right people. In the end, it’s the act of maintaining and building solid relationships with economic developers. It’s not a sales person calling up every few months to find out if a prospect is “ready to buy yet.”

What does lead nurturing look like to a prospect?

I just receive a timely email from you after filling out a survey gauging my interests and appetite for relocating to your municipality. The email quickly addresses my pain points and needs for relocating. It reaffirms my interest level and is right to the point. It seems that every email I get from you is more targeted and focused than the next to my particular needs. I tell myself… “This guy is paying attention to what I’m looking for… He’s obviously done his homework… I will be sure not to overlook his next email since I know that he won’t waste my time with marketing messages for the masses!”

Segmentation is key to facilitating a conversation!

One size does not fit all! You have many different types of prospects with different interests and criteria for relocating. The quickest way to disengage with your audience is to blast the same email to everyone in your database. The nature of lead nurturing is to have a one-on-one conversation with an individual based on their level of interest, time frame of relocation, and other pertinent information that you can leverage in your prospect database.

How does lead nurturing clean and strengthen your prospect database?

Over the course of a yearlong drip campaign, information is gathered on your prospects through surveys and web forms embedded on personalized landing pages, and that information is recorded or appended to your prospect database. WEDA uses smart forms to capture or update fields that may be missing or outdated. Remember, your database is the lifeblood of your organization and it’s only as effective as the quality of information it houses.

How can a lead nurturing program make you look like a superstar?

Imagine being able to show your Board where each of your active prospects are in the sales funnel, when they are expecting to relocate, what their barriers or concerns are, and how many jobs are projected to be created for your municipality if the deal is successful. WEDA will provide you with monthly reports to ensure that you are on top of all prospect activity.

What can you expect from WEDA in support of your Lead Nurturing Program?

You just made a sizable investment and like any other investment you want peace of mind! The creation of emails, landing pages, web forms, and surveys is just the beginning.  The real power is the ongoing testing and adjustments made to subject lines, landing pages, email copy, and web forms.  These incremental improvements over time will increase open and click through rates, and drive more conversions as time goes on!

How can a Lead Nurturing Program save you time and money?

WEDA will help you chart the entire year with relevant, targeted touch points in the first 30 days of your engagement. Once the sequence of emails and goals for your organization are designed and coded in the program, you will not have to worry about sending out emails, newsletters, or any other electronic correspondence to your prospects. The program will do it for you based on timed events and prospect behavior! You will not need additional headcount and resources!

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Is this for you?

If you’re searching for a way to turn the spotlight on your community, WEDA’s LightHouse ED360 is the best way to have prospects “drawn” to your marketing. Direct targeted inbound marketing is the way of the future for economic development and WEDA’s LightHouse experts can fast track your program into a follow-up machine. Whether your needs are attraction, retention, appointment setting, or a variety of other programs, LightHouse ED360 can be your personal workhorse for getting the results you want.


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