Don’t Let Your Hard Work Slip Away.



Don’t Let Your Hard Work Slip Away.

You are working hard to bring new business to your area, others are working to take your businesses and lure them away.
Retention is as important as acquiring new business. In fact, it might be more important. Existing companies represent over 60% of the employment growth in most areas.

WEDA is able to help you put together a strategy that will keep your businesses in town and thriving:

• Designing training and retention programs
• Surveying your existing businesses regarding their needs and wants
• Helping to create seminars, webinars and more that you can share with your existing businesses
• Setting appointments with local power brokers so you can meet with them face to face
• Showing your community how to design incentives for existing companies to help them expand

It might be tough to get your board to understand that new and shiny is only new for a little while. WEDA can bring the facts to the table to show them the importance of helping your local businesses grow.

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If you’re an economic development professional looking to keep the companies you attracted in your community, WEDA can help you accomplish this. We can retain those companies by using our LightHouse ED360 Program, and helping you retain those businesses who have already made a valuable investment in your community and might need help expanding at their current location.

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