WEDA is Your Bridge for Getting In Front of Active Projects.

Let’s face it, business attraction marketing is expensive.  Not only do you have to fund an expensive marketing campaign to potential generate leads, you need to put in the time and resources to follow-up on the leads, eliminate the bad ones and systematically track the good ones.  Typically 80% of your money goes into marketing and trying to find the leads while 20% is left to follow them up properly.  WEDA flips that traditional model because we cut out your need to market and deliver the qualified leads directly to you.  Imagine being able to spend your time on resources working on closing qualified leads versus hunting and chasing unqualified leads through marketing.

WEDA Is Your KEY To Cost-Effective Prospect Generation For New Job Creation. WEDA Saves You Time, Money and Resources!

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to find a core program that strengthens your advertising efforts and provides a foundation of quality prospects to build upon.  It must also help you leverage your current marketing dollars into exposure that you could otherwise not afford on your own.  WEDA’s Project Generation Campaign strengthens every single aspect of your current marketing efforts and increases your exposure without increasing your costs.

Once a part of WEDA Area Expert Network, WEDA will deliver projects to you from our dynamically targeted campaign for an entire year.  WEDA’s campaign has a worldwide reach of more than 500,000 companies through conferences, trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, publications, internet research, email campaigns, site locator networks and our exclusive database of over 350,000 CEOs and C-Level executives database.  From day one you will be instantly plugged into everything we do. It makes sense because your investment into the Alliance is pooled together with others around the world making it possible to tap into the results of a much larger campaign without having to fund it yourself.

WEDA is not an advertising expense.  WEDA is an investment in a partner who will represent you individually and keep your area on the radar scope of active projects seeking new sites.  WEDA puts you in the game of attraction and takes it one step further; we get you “at bats” with these projects directly.

Here’s How It Works For You

1. WEDA secures an exclusive number of representative from around your state to serve as the Site Location Team of experts representing your state to our projects.

2. WEDA implements a diverse campaign which targets the fastest growing industries in the world.  The campaign further targets geographic regions that have exhibited a high rate of expansion or relocation.  Each marketing segment reinforces this core audience through direct mail, trade shows, networking, telemarketing, email, publications, public relations, and internet research.  You may join WEDA at our trade shows and exhibit with us for free.  This only further leverages your dollars and allows you to gain additional prospects while at each show.

3. An intense campaign of interviews and surveys with each lead we generate identifies the viability of the project and accesses what are the most critical needs and motivations for the project expansion to be successful. Each project must meet minimum requirements of size, time frame employee hires and distance from current site.

4. You will receive a detailed project alert that will provide you with this critical data via email for fast and efficient follow-up with the project.

MoneyPicWEDA Will Deliver Active Projects From a Diverse Marketing Campaign That Would Be Cost- Prohibitive For You To Do On Your Own.

5. You will provide a quick response to each project you feel has a fit for your area letting them know your interest and why there is a good fit.  These are forwarded directly to the project and discussed with the project.  A conference call with the project will be set up with those most interested so you can further pitch the benefits of your area.

6. Each quarter you will receive a hard copy of every project that has been generated by our campaign along with a report of the ones that were natural fits based on their interest.

7. At the end of each year, you will be provided a comprehensive Cost Justification Report that details your entire year and the benefits you received from your investment into WEDA.

Smart Economic Development Professionals use WEDA because it is a safe investment with a high return on investment!