With accountability of marketing dollars at an all-time high it’s no wonder why economic developers around the world are aggressively searching for more effective ways to generate high quality projects to work with and attract to their areas.

Consider these Economic Fact

Attracting a new 10-man facility creates more than a $1 million impact on an area’s economy

Traditional methods of marketing ( e.g. publication advertising and direct mail) tend to force an economic developer to spend 90 percent of their time following up with projects that are unqualified.

The average expenditure for implementing just one marketing segment of media (e.g. one full-page four color ad in a publication for just one month, one direct mail campaign or one trade show) is $5,450.

One good quality project is far better then 100 bad ones. It is better to spend 100 percent of your time attracting one good project than by ineffectively spending 1 percent of your time with 100 projects.

Eighty-seven percent of people who develop a short list don’t even remember where they have seen an ad that brought those area’s to their attention.


WEDA’S Mission

WEDA’S Mission is simple: to partner with economic developers and assist in the effective retention of existing business and attraction of new business.  WEDA provides economic developers with projects from the industry’s most exclusive audience – relocation decision makers with active projects.

WEDABusinessPicWEDA will put you in touch with businesses on the move.

These decision-makers are a diverse group, ranging from CEOs and senior-level decision-makers to corporate relocation managers and consultants. WEDA is the most effective means of uniting these executives with economic developers.

WEDA is continually working with companies who use our free service and need our help finding  their next facility site. Think of WEDA as hiring a professional consultant who is continually working hard to find your area new business. This allows you to concentrate your time and effort working on real projects, not chasing unverified ones.

Whether your economic development department has already implemented a fully diversified marketing campaign or you’re just beginning to experiment with individual types of media, you will appreciate the highly-qualified projects the World Economic Development Alliance will bring you. Being an Area Expert representative of WEDA is the industry’s most cost-effective way of identifying quality projects who are not only interested in expanding or relocating, but have specific interest in your surrounding area.