Superior Qualification

Step 1
Initial Contact – An average of 3 – 5 calls are made before initial contact is actually made. Basic contact information is obtained and cross-checked for accuracy and actual interest.

Step 2
The Interview – Each project goes through an interview and answers a questionnaire profile. This identifies the specific needs which further qualities the project and identifies their genuine interest for their new site.

Step 3
The Transfer – All information is then transferred to your Project Center for tracking a processing.

Step 4
The Report – Full detailed reports and notes are pulled from the data structure and put into and easy-to-read format.

Step 5
The processing –  Each project is then sent to the appropriate area of interest within minutes of pre-qualification via e-mail.

Step 6
The Quarterly Report – Every quarter you will receive a report of all the projects that have been sent to you. This report allows for cross-checking to ensure every project has been followed up properly.

Step 7
The Annual Report – Each year, you will receive an annual report which outlines all your projects and reports on the success of the variety of media we implanted. This information is a valuable asset in identifying media that will strengthen your future campaigns.


How Do We Locate Your Active Projects?

Our chairman, Eric Kleinsorge, has more than 20 years of marketing expertise. His knowledge, coupled with more than 300 years of combined economic development experience from our members has created a milti-faced media campaign that generates projects from a wide variety of media.

By combining your investment with other Alliance members generates a high-quality campaign that fully leverages your marketing dollar into over $30,000 of marketing exposure just for your area alone.

“The Alliance has been built BY Economic Development Professionals FOR Economic Development Professionals.”

You see, the Alliance has been built by economic development professionals, for economic development professionals. Within the Project Marketing Campaign, we combine the best of trade shows with targeting direct mail to the fastest growing industries and magazine ad exposure to senior-level decision makers. All of this is reinforced with the most comprehensive qualification methods in the industry. You will receive projects from all these media for a one-tie annual investment. It’s working smarter, not harder!

A Final Thought!
WEDA will deliver you projects from the fastest growing industries in the world from a variety of media for an entire year. Statistics show that a small 10-man expansion into an area will make more than a $1 million economic impact in the first year alone. If during the course of 5 years, you attract just one company, your investment will have paid for itself many times over.